Nu-World Contemporary Danse Theatre

"connecting to the power within"

The Mission & the vision

NU-World Contemporary Danse Theatre is a professional contemporary dance company comprised of a diverse group of artists from all backgrounds using dance theatre as a tool to create work that is always raw, engaging and thought-provoking. while our movement foundation is rooted in the black dance tradition, aesthetically NU-world contemporary danse theatre brings a unique fusion of classical ballet, modern dance, as well as vernacular and cultural based movement together to create a unique voice centered in its storytelling. this allows the work to lead into discussions and open forums with a greater sense of awareness on the present state of humanity. we are dedicated to creating soulful memories for our artists and audience members alike as the art BECOMES a reflection of life and a catalyst to create change and unity within themselves and their communities. our purpose is to allow our artists and audience members an opportunity to connect to the power that is within their spirit.